Brochure Stand for Sale

When it comes to making a first impression, a brochure stand is a great way to present your printed materials to the general public.

Using a table or a traditional shelf can look messy and make your brochures, magazines or corporate catalogues seem uninviting.

Our selection of brochure stands will ensure your materials are clearly visible, neat and well presented, allowing you to reach the maximum number of people.

FAQ / more information section on brochure stands:

3 Reasons to buy a Brochure Stand

1. Branding
When it comes to your brand, brochures are a vital way to display visual and written information to your prospective audience. A sleek and tidy presentation shows people that you are a reputable and organised brand that should be taken seriously.

2. Presence
When you go to a corporate event or exhibition, ultimately you would like to make first hand contact with every potential client, but this is rarely, if ever, the case. A brochure stand ensures that your materials are readily accessible so you don’t miss out on making vital connections.

3. Ease
There are many ways you can display your materials, but one of the benefits of having a brochure stand is they are easy to assemble, transport and store.

How fast can I receive the brochure stand?

Most of our stands are in stock and available now! If you call or email your order today, we can usually deliver within 1-2 working days within Singapore.

What are the delivery options available?

For your convenience, we can either deliver to you, or you can collect from us. If you decide to collect, you will need to call ahead so that we can make sure your order is ready for you. Otherwise, we provide a fast and efficient delivery service. Delivery is usually $20-30 depending on where you are based in Singapore. Please enquire for exact delivery rates.

Is a revolving brochure stand suitable for my usage?

A revolving brochure stand is the perfect solution if you have a lot of printed materials to display. Nothing looks worse at an exhibition or event than cluttered stands with overlapping materials.

A revolving stand allows all your brochures, magazines and catalogues to be equally visible and easily accessible. The modules can be mixed and matched so you can also display materials of different sizes, including A5, A4 or DL.

The revolving stand has wheels so that you don’t need to unpack your brochures if you need to move within the same venue, so not only is it great visually, it is also super convenient to use.

What is a brochure holder? When would I require it?

A brochure holder is a convenient way to display your brochures on a desktop or table.

These are great for displaying at exhibitions or events, as well as in the office. They can hold A4, A5, and DL size printed materials.

These are the ideal way to allow your customers to freely take or peruse your brochures, leaflets or flyers when your table or office is unattended.