Poster and Banner Display Stand for Sale

Whether you are looking for a clip stand, a tripod easel, or an outdoor banner stand, we have something for you.

Display stands are a great way to make your visual displays highly attractive and visible to your potential audience.

Pinning posters to clipboards or displaying printed materials flat can look unprofessional, or can mean your branding isn’t seen at all.

A display stand is the perfect solution for all of your upcoming events.

FAQ/ More Information section on Display and Poster stands

3 Tips in selecting a right display stand

1. Select the right size

If you already know what size banner or poster that you want to display it is important to select a stand that is suited to your needs. Check the dimensions of the different options and think about the scale you want your display to be. If you are limited by space, be sure to measure the area you can use before purchasing a stand.

2. Select the right function

Different stands are good for different things, so it is important to know what you want your stand to do. Is it to provide important information, is it for marketing, is it just about being as big and bold as possible? If you aren’t sure which stand is right for you, we can help you decide.

3. Select the important properties

It is important to also think about what your stand needs to have. If it is going to be predominately outdoors it needs to be weather and wind resistant. Each stand has unique properties so you can find one that is best suited to you.

How do I place my order for a display stand?

Ordering a display stand from us is fast, easy and convenient. Firstly, you should select which stand you want from our online selection. There are photos and specifications which can help you make your choice. These are all in the top section of this page. Each of our products has a product code. When you are selecting your stand, be sure to check it is the right size and has the right properties for you. Once you have your desired product you can email or phone us with your code and we can process your order.

Are these display stands reusable?

Absolutely! These stands are versatile so you can use them for a wide range of events and they are designed to have a long lasting life. You can easily change the inserts such as posters or banners and use the same stand again and again. That is why they are a great marketing investment!

Does your price include the printing cost?

In some cases, yes. Our products will always specify if printing is included with the phrase ‘Price Includes Printing’ in the product description. These include our X Banner Stand, Outdoor Water-Based Stand and the Foamboard Standee. If the product doesn’t specify, then printing isn’t included. Do check with us at the time of ordering.

What are the delivery options offered?

Our delivery options are fast and convenient. You can either collect from us if you phone ahead and reserve your item, or we can mail to you. If you collect you just need to give us enough time to prepare your order for you. If you prefer to have your products mailed this usually takes 1-2 Business days within Singapore. Postage is usually $20-30 depending on location. Please get an accurate postage quote from us at the time of purchase.