The L shape boltless rack is similar to our standard boltless rack, but is an ideal choice for those trying to make maximum use of the space in their home or office. It is available with either plywood deck, HDF board deck or metal deck shelves.

Our great range of material choices means you can tailor your order dependent on your budget and the demands you will be putting on your storage rack. The L shape boltless storage rack is available in both 4 tiers and 5 tiers, and can be purchased either with or without a centre pole. It will fit perfectly into any corner.

Benefits of L Shape Boltless Rack

Using the L shape boltless rack in your home or office will allow you to make optimum use of all the space in your storage areas. Our satisfied customers who have bought this rack in the past have been impressed by its versatility and the way they can fit more storage into even the smallest spaces.