Our range of racks for sale

Whether you need some small racks for home storage or are looking to fit-out a full warehouse, Storage Rack Singapore has everything you need to make sure everything is in its place.

As a company, we pride ourselves on providing high quality, affordable and good looking shelving and storage solutions for every customer, no matter what space they’re looking to utilise.


Standard Boltless Rack

Our range of standard boltless racks are quick and easy to assemble, with no expense spared on the build. When you need something simple and timeless to maximise your space, you can be sure that we have your back.

With our boltless rack design, the assembly is quick and painless, while still keeping the excellent support and design you need.


L-Shape Boltless Rack

When you need to make the most of your space, there’s no better option than our range of L-shape boltless racks.

With the option of metal or plywood decks, and the choice of four or five tiers, you’ll be sure to find the perfect rack for your storage needs.


Clothes and Garment Racks

Keeping your clothes neat and tidy is a battle at the best of times, but with our premium clothes racks, your life can be made just that little bit easier.

Whether your home wardrobe needs a makeover, your office needs somewhere to store employees clothes, or your showroom needs a more versatile and durable storage solution, we’ve got exactly what you need, at some of Singapore’s most affordable prices, ensuring you’re always getting the highest value possible.


Heavy-Duty Warehouse Rack

Even when your storage needs are more significant than a simple wardrobe or cupboard, Storage Rack Singapore provides affordable, safe and easy to assembly heavy duty warehouse storage racks.

No matter what specifications you’re looking for, of what space you’re working with, we’ve got the storage equipment to handle it all.


Chrome Wire Shelving

Our range of chrome wire shelving options provides a simple system of storing anything and everything, featuring a high degree of flexibility and modularity.

Chrome shelves have proved their reliability over the years, and have become a storage staple for everything that needs somewhere to call home.

With high strength despite its small size, chrome wire shelving not only looks great, it can hold plenty of whatever you need them to hold.


Laundry Racks

When space is at a premium, it can be difficult finding somewhere to dry clothes. Dryers are expensive, noisy and a general pain, so there must be something better. That’s exactly what we are here for.

Whether you’re looking for a small laundry rack for your balcony or a larger solution for offices, share houses or commercial laundries, our wide range of highly durable and flexible laundry racks are exactly what you’ve been looking for, all at a highly affordable price.


Shoe Racks

Whether you’ve only got a few shoes that need somewhere to live or more than you know what to do with, we have wide array of modular, minimal and durable designs for storing any number of shoes.

Regardless of the space that you’re working with, our range of shoe racks are designed to hold any number of shoes in any space you can think of.