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Light Duty Chrome Wire Shelving


This Light Duty Chrome Wire Shelving unit is the perfect space saving solution for your home or office. Easy to assemble, durable and stylish.

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Our Light Duty Chrome Wire Shelving is an excellent space saver and the answer to your storage needs in the home and office.

Easy to assemble – this product is easy to assemble making it suitable for both professionals and home users. It doesn’t require any special tools or expertise and can be put together in just minutes.

Customizable height – each of the shelves in this unit can be adjusted in 25mm increments, making it customizable to your specific needs. Adjustments are quick and easy, allowing you to switch functions and store or display items of different shapes and sizes. Comes in 4 or 5 tier options.

Compact – the Light Duty Chrome shelf comes with narrow shelves that are 350mm deep, rather than the standard 450mm. This makes it perfect for fitting into compact spaces such as hallways or storage rooms.

Strong and sturdy – the unit is made from a heavy duty steel construction with a maximum load capacity of 50kg per shelf when weight is evenly distributed. These shelves can hold heavy items making them ideal for warehouses and industrial spaces, as well as home sheds and garages.

Stylish and chic – the black or chrome finish are both stylish and simple to pair with your existing decor, making this shelf a versatile and timeless addition to your home or business furniture.

Hygienic – The shelves are coated with a chrome finish which is easy to wipe down and keep clean and hygienic.

Whatever your storage needs, this durable and dynamic shelf will do the job.