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4/5 Tier Chrome Wine Rack


This heavy-duty, eco-friendly chrome wine rack ensures your wines are stored beautifully and accessibly. It’s available in two sizes: four tiers and five tiers.

Features and Details:
– Easy to assemble
– Eco-friendly
– Strong, sturdy and reliable
– Resistant to corrosion and scratches
– Easy to clean
– Attractive, stylish appearance suits most interiors
– Conveniently available in two sizes: four tier (90cm x 35cm x 87.6cm) and five tier (90cm x 35cm x 138.7cm)
– Suitable for floors, benches and cupboard tops

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The chrome wine rack is perfect for anyone looking for convenient, reliable wine storage. It’s strong, easy-to-assemble and suitable for most interior designs. Two sizes are available, allowing you the buy the right rack for your wine collection.

Being made of chrome, the chrome wine rack is built to take weight, allowing you to store your wines with complete peace of mind. Furthermore, it’s resistant to both corrosion and scratches, so you can expect it to last the distance. When it comes to cleaning, all you have to do is wipe the chrome wine rack over with a damp cloth.

Assemblage couldn’t be easier. Simply fit the pieces together and you’ll be ready to load your chrome wine rack with your favourite bottles. The intelligent design makes every drop easy to reach: whether you’re looking for a light white to go with seafood or a big red to go with lamb, it’s right there, in front of you.

The chrome wine rack is conveniently available in two sizes: the four tier (90cm x 35cm x 87.6cm) and the five tier (90cm x 35cm x 138.7cm).