This standard boltless rack is one of the most popular product on our site. It comes with a choice of three different decks.

HDF (High Density Fibreboard) deck is perfect for those who are on a slightly tighter budget, but that still require a shelving that can withstand fair amount of weight.

Metal deck is sleek looking and an all-rounder in terms of shelving weight support. Plywood deck is slightly more expensive but provides the strongest support in terms of weight load.

This rack can be bought in both 4 tier and 5 tier capacities depending on your requirements.

Benefits of a boltless rack for storage

Using a boltless rack in your home office is an excellent investment. Not only will we come to your property to install the rack, which is one less thing to think about for you, but you can rest assured our storage racks will provide you with the perfect storage solution.

The boltless technology means the shelves themselves are stronger than ever, and the 4 tier and 5 tier capacity options mean you’ll never be stuck for space again.